Analyze the Land 

                                            Feasibility and Use Analysis

I can do the following for my own leads and/or your land leads: 

  • Determine Likely Number of Building Lots 
  • Determine Most Marketable Options for the Land ( ie: houses, condos, etc.) 
  • Determine Most Advantageous Pricing for End Product ( retail pricing) 
  • Work the Numbers Backwards from End Product Pricing to Arrive at Per/Lot Value 
  • Recommend Land- Only Price for Raw Land Based on End Use 

Once I have permission to be on the property, I go for a walk. I pay particular interest to anything I think could negatively or positively affect the future development. For example, I look at the abutters to see if there is something ugly close by, or if it is a beautiful area. I look at easements, to see how those might affect the property. I look for wetlands issues. Overall, I am forming my impression and opinion about how marketable the final development will be.

I use a variety of tools for the land analysis. I research the zoning, subdivision R&R, town by laws. I use on-line mapping for topo analysis, and wetlands mapping. I combine all this knowledge to lay out what I think the land can produce, in the form of housing.

I also take into consideration what is most needed in the marketplace. For example, until recently we were saturated with 55+ communities. Building another one would not have been a winning strategy - even if it was an option in terms of zoning. Local market knowledge contributes to final decisions about highest and best use.

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We are based in Hopkinton MA, however, our coverage area includes the areas located along the I495 & I90 corridors, and surrounding towns. 

              I take you from the start to the finish line.... 

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