Land Acquisition

                             Land Procurement and Development 

               Decide From Your Chair If You Want to Get the Land Deal or Not!

                                              I do the leg work for you! 

I am engaged in constant marketing for land so you can do what you do best, build the houses, condos, buildings and the like. Since I know how busy you are on site, I created this Builders Wonder World site so you can get to know me and what I offer the builders I work with. 

You benefit by having me on your side working from start to finish saving you a lot of time and legwork. There is no reason for you to be bogged down with running to finding the right piece of land with the right land use zoning and running all over the county for this or that. 

  • I market land 
  • I have pocket land listings ( no one knows- private listings) 
  • Unlisted Land Leads 
  • Builders' Leads for Land 
  • Full Analysis on the Property 
  • Soil Testing 
  • Overlay Topographical 
  • Boundaries 
  • Confidentiality!!

Marketing for the land: 

You know very well how you need to be in front of the landowners who may be willing to sell their land to you for a feasible price.  This is one of the my unique skills and abilities - to shop for the land that will work for your parameters and specifications including: 

  • Direct mail campaigns to vacant land owners 4 times per year 
  • I network through the contractor networks for land leads 
  • I network with my engineer network for land leads 
  • I network through my attorney network for land leads 

Once I get a land lead:

I have the unique skill set to be able to connect with people who own land, to discuss the opportunities with them and to help them understand the process of selling their land to a builder. This skill alone will save you a lot of money and headaches. As you well know, many land owners think they have gold on their land and when they hear your are a builder they want unreasonable prices. It is a disadvantage for you as the builder to go directly to the land owners in most situations. 

  • I am able to analyze soils ( mapping) to determine feasibility 
  • I am able to approximate the number of lots based on zoning, top, and soil mapping 
  • I walk the land myself and note any areas of positive or negative features or issues which can or will affect value i.e.: vernal pools easements, abutters, etc. 

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We are based in Hopkinton MA, however, our coverage area includes the areas located along the I495 & I90 corridors, and surrounding towns. 

              I take you from the start to the finish line.... 

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