Sell to End Users

As a realtor who actively works with buyers, I have a strong sense of the “sweet spot” for each market segment. Using a variety of research research tools, I create a marketing presentation focusing on the key elements which will result in success for your housing development. 

Sales and Marketing: 

  • List Your Units for Sale 
  • Be Your Onsite Salesperson
  • Market and Sell to Your End Users 
  • Staffing the Models 
  • Grand Opening 
  • Open Houses 

My ability to look at the problem from all sides - builder, realtor, buyer, seller - gives me a unique perspective, and sets me apart from other agents.

I obtained my construction supervisor license in 1995, because I wanted to better understand both construction, and the obstacles faced by my builder clients. I have also completed my own construction projects. The ability to understand what it is to wear all the different “hats”, helps me to make sure the parties in the transaction have their needs met.

A team of people working with me to execute the sales plan. These include:

  • Erika Steele - works with me on the listing side, and also acts as part of the sales team
  • Julie Anderson -who holds a master’s degree in marketing, helps design the marketing materials, and works exclusively in the office handling and processing all the transaction paperwork.
  • Mindy Hall - interior designer - works with me staging the models for sale
  • Professional Photographer - I have several professionals with whom I work doing the all-important photography to promote the product - including drone photography and video. 
  • Sales agents - I have a team of experienced, qualified, agent specialists, all of whom have extensive real estate backgrounds, and experience selling new construction. They form the core of my staff for open house coverage.

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We are based in Hopkinton MA, however, our coverage area includes the areas located along the I495 & I90 corridors, and surrounding towns. 

              I take you from the start to the finish line.... 

Margo Otey - Licensed Real Estate Agent #60949-s - 22 South St, Suite 203, Hopkinton, MA 01748